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BIC unveils first judge workstation

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2023-10-20


The first judge workstation of the Beijing Internet Court (BIC) was inaugurated at the Beijing Intellectual Property Protection Center on Oct 16.


Jiang Ying, president of the BIC and Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office (BMIPO) Pan Xinsheng attended and addressed the unveiling ceremony.


The establishment of the judge workstation was among the BIC's efforts to further tap the role of judicial adjudication in safeguarding the development of intellectual property, and to serve the building of Beijing into an international science and technology innovation center and a global digital economy benchmark. 

It is a move to proactively integrate into Beijing's new development pattern, meet its need for judicial protection over intellectual property, and further reinforce the BIC's circuit trial system. 


In his address, Pan said that establishment of the workstation is another major measure jointly taken by the BMIPO and the BIC to deepen cooperation on litigation-source governance, and further optimizes Beijing’s business environment for its innovative development. He urged the workstation to raise its stance in promoting the administrative and judiciary protection of IP and solving "the last mile" problems of IP protection. A group of mechanisms should be launched and improved to ensure regular communication and liaison, litigation and mediation docking, information sharing, and diversified dispute resolution, so as to create an "IP protection community", Pan noted. He also suggested setting out pilot tasks to promote the application of data's IP registration certificates in data circulation, judicial trials, and legal supervision, enabling data IP registration protection to benefit more innovation entities.


In her speech, Jiang gave a brief introduction of the BIC's efforts in serving Beijing's high-quality development since its establishment five years ago. She pledged to better play the court's functional role and expand its coverage of judicial services through the newly-opened workstation; to further improve the court's ability to perform duties proactively for fostering a law-based business environment through high-quality cooperation; and to contribute wisdom to accelerate the building of Beijing into a benchmark city of the global digital economy by deepening communication and cooperation in data fields for better IP protection.