BIC launches family education guidance platform

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2022-06-02


The Beijing Internet Court (BIC) recently launched an online platform for family education guidance prior to the International Children's Day, which fell on June 1.

The platform is the first of its kind among courts nationwide. It is available at the BIC's official website as an important part of the educational and promotional function of BIC's initiative on the protection of minors.

Co-built by the BIC and the research center on internet rule of law under the  University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the platform provides professional courses held by judicial organs, higher educational institutes, social organizations and industrial associations, as well as minor user guides for major internet platforms.

Those who receive directives on family education can log on anytime and anywhere to the platform to take courses so as to better fulfill their family education obligations.

However, the platform is not only available to those who receive directives from the court. Anyone including parents, juveniles, school teachers and social workers can access the platform for premium courses online.