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Beijing Internet Court briefs on internet related copyright case trials

Beijing Internet Court | Updated: 2021-04-27


The Beijing Internet Court (BIC) held a press briefing on the trials of internet related copyright cases on April 20.

Zhao Ruigang, vice-president of the BIC, briefed the internet related copyright cases accepted by the court and summarized the trial rules.

Zhao said the BIC has formed integrated progress in justice empowered by technology, adjudication method reform and compensation standard upgrades, to solve the long existing problems in internet intellectual property rights (IPR) protection. 

Faced with new challenges on copyright protection in the digital economy, the BIC will continue to enhance trial efficiency and capability, explore the equitable and orderly governance of digital copyright, and strive to build a law-based cyberspace governance environment.

Eight typical cases were released at the press conference, followed by a media Q&A session on topics including compensation standards of IPR infringement, platform governance and measures on IPR protection enhancement.

The briefing invited deputies to the National People’s Congress and Beijing Municipal People’s Congress and drew attendance by a variety of central and local media outlets including CCTV, China News Agency, People’s Daily, Beijing Daily and Beijing TV.