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Beijing Internet Court attends CIFTIS

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-09-07


The Beijing Internet Court was invited to participate in the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) held in Beijing from Sept 4 to 9.

A copyright-Tianping blockchain synergistic governance platform and its work achievements were highlights of the court's booth.  

Co-built by Beijing Internet Court and Beijing's copyright protection center, the platform was launched on Sept 5 at the CIFTIS by Zhang Wen, president of the court, and Wang Yefei, vice-president of the Beijing copyright bureau.

The platform creates a credible digital copyright "ecology" where the Tianping blockchain built by the court and the copyright blockchain built by the center to collaborate and to unify their criteria and work for the sake of consistency. It is the first administration and judiciary synergistic governance mechanism in the copyright field in China.

It was build to establish and improve the innovative system of copyright protection and further optimize the business environment of intellectual property.

At the CIFTIS, the court also exhibited its "virtual court" cabin which uses online "virtual court" technology and semantic segmentation that can balance the accuracy rate and real-time rate of portrait segmentation to build a virtual but realistic court. Each of them covers around three square meters and includes one seat for the judge and one computer. Such "virtual court" cabin will meet the needs of small-scale trials, simplified trials, evidence exchange meetings, mediations and so on, which makes the work convenient, of lowcarbon impact and environmentally friendly.

In the court's exhibition booth, attendees are able to feel free to experience works registration, infringement detection, online litigation, case filing and hearings, and see how the blockchain synergistic governance platform improves efficiency of copyright protection through data synergy.