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Vice-president of Beijing Internet Court attends 2019 AIPPI World Conference

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2019-10-09


Jiang Ying, vice-president of the Beijing Internet Court, was invited to the 2019 AIPPI World Conference held in London from Sept 15 to 18. 


Jiang Ying (Left, 4th), vice-president of the Beijing Internet Court, speaks at the hot topics session of the 2019 AIPPI World Conference on Sept 18. [Photo/Beijing Internet Court]

In speaking about the Beijing Internet Court's judicial practices in intellectual property protection, Jiang shared with attendees the court's experiences and achievements in exploring the new internet trial mechanism and cyber space governance at the hot topics parallel session held on Sept 18. 

Her speech covered online litigation mode building, construction and application of Tianpin blockchain and the rule-setting for internet trials.   

The Beijing Internet Court has been striving for innovation in terms of internet plus trials. It responds to the needs of law-based governance and the common aspiration of the people in the internet era, according to Jiang. She hopes to share the court's valuable experience with other countries throughout the world, and to create a global rule of law business environment that encourages innovation and respects legal knowledge, she said. 

Established in 1897, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) is committed to advancing IP protection at national and international levels. The annual AIPPI World Conference is now one of the most influential events in the IP filed.