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BIC promotes digital literacy of minors

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2024-03-08



The Beijing Internet Court (BIC) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on March 1 with Beijing Normal University (BNU) and Guangqumen Middle School to cooperate on digital literacy projects for minors.Under the MoU, the three parties will explore diverse cooperation models, make joint efforts to better protect juveniles, and increase the minors' digital literacy with their respective advantages and resources.


Zhao Ruigang, vice-president of the BIC, expressed his gratitude to the middle school for its support to the court's work on online judicial protection of minors, and awarded certificates of honor to student representatives to inspire them to study hard and improve their online legal literacy.


He said that the BIC will continue its efforts on minor protection and actively explore legal literacy education for minors in cyberspace.

The court will further strengthen communication and cooperation with BNU and Guangqumen Middle School, enhance mutual understanding, build consensus on development, and steadily advance the implementation of the MoU, Zhao noted.

It will also strive to make greater contributions to online legal literacy education and the development of a standardized curriculum system for online literacy, and provide a strong legal guarantee for the online protection of juveniles, he added.

Those in attendance at the signing ceremony included Fang Zengquan, Party chief of BNU's School of Journalism and Communication, Li Zhiwei, principal of Guangqumen Middle School, and BIC judges.