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BIC receives ‘moms jury’

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2023-11-15



On Nov 9, the Beijing Internet Court (BIC) received a group of special visitors – 30-plus representatives from the "moms jury" and relevant persons in charge of cyberspace protection of minors from major online platforms.

The "moms jury", composed of the parents of minors from various professions, is a non-governmental organization established by the Beijing Internet Association (BIA) in 2010. Comprising parents from various industries, its primary function is to fulfill the social supervision role in the protection of minors, by adhering to the "best interests of the child" principle and maternal care standards.


The event was jointly organized by the BIC and the BIA as a legal publicity event to help visitors improve their internet literacy, allowing them to better protect minors in cyberspace, on the occasion of the introduction of the new regulation on protecting minors in cyberspace, which will take effect on Jan 1, 2024.

At the BIC's online litigation experience zone, the group had an immersive experience of the court's technologies and applications, such as the whole-process online litigation model, the e-litigation platform, blockchain, time stamp, and automatic document generation.

They learned about the court's work on the protection of minors in cyberspace, and received a lecture on the judge's interpretation of the new regulation combining typical cases.


Warm interactions occurred when subjects of major concern were introduced, such as minors obsessed with online gaming. Mothers were eager to learn ways to effectively prevent their children from becoming addicted to online gaming, and they spoke highly of the BIC's measures in delivering judicial suggestions for the better governance of online content tailored to minors.

The participants all agreed that they benefited greatly from the on-site learning and fully realized the significance of carrying out internet literacy education for their children. Many of them pledged to join the BIC as promoters of the new regulation on minors' protection in cyberspace and to contribute to the fostering of a healthy cyberspace for minors.