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Jiang Ying addresses Global Digital Economy Conference 2023

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2023-07-07



On July 5, Jiang Ying, president of the Beijing Internet Court (BIC), attended the Global Digital Economy Conference 2023. As the only representative from the court system, she delivered a keynote speech at the Data Elements Summit on the judgement concepts and path choices for the judicial protection of digital interests.


Jiang mainly introduced the classification and popular research topics of cases related to data rights and interests. According to her, the 20 key measures to build basic systems for data, issued by China’s central government in December 2022, has laid the groundwork for confirmation and authorization mechanism for the hierarchical categorization and classification of data.

However, there are still certain gaps in the institutional arrangements and systematic coordination for data-related rights protection, she added. As for the widely-discussed path choices for data rights protection, there are currently many voices, including that of property right protection, intellectual property right protection, and the Anti-Unfair Competition Law.


At present, how to clarify the scope of protection and ownership of data rights and interests, how to divide the behavior boundaries of different market entities in data collection, processing and utilization, and how to improve the data property registration system are all urgent issues that need to be addressed. She offered three judgement concepts in handling cases related to data rights: the efficient use of data for value consideration, systematic consideration for legal application, and tailored solutions for different types of data.


The summit was sponsored by the organizing committee of the Global Digital Economy Conference and organized by nine units, including the Beijing Municipal Bureau of the Economy and Information Technology and the Beijing Big Data Center. More than 300 people from government agencies, judicial organs, scientific research institutions and the business sector participated in the event.