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BIC holds legal publicity event at tech firm

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2023-04-20


The Beijing Internet Court (BIC) publicized laws through case sharing at the 91 Technology Group on April 14. It was a move to better connect the judges with the deputies of the people's congresses from enterprises.


BIC judge Zeng Zhimei(L) gives a lecture to publicize internet-related laws in Beijing-based 91 Technology Group on April 14. [Photo/ Beijing Internet Court]

Zeng Zhimei, a judge of the BIC, interpreted laws by sharing cases involving livestream sales, short videos, and online infringement, and answered participants' questions on some common internet-related issues in entrepreneurship and business operations. 


Zeng shares cases related to livestream sales at the event. [Photo/ Beijing Internet Court]

She also offered tips for the Beijing-based tech group to operate legally, prevent infringement, and protect its rights. 

Xu Zewei, chairman of the company and also a deputy to the Beijing Municipal People's Congress, appreciated the law publicity event and the efforts and achievements made by the BIC, saying that the event would help his company better formulate its policies and measures in relation to intellectual property right protection and livestream sales.


Xu Zewei, chairman of the 91 Technology Group, addresses the event. [Photo/ Beijing Internet Court]

Xu suggested intensified IPR protection, the better supervision and law enforcement of the e-commerce livestreaming sector, as well as improved regulations and policies. 

He also called for more efforts in law publicity to effectively regulate the market order of livestream sales. 

Before the case sharing session, employee representatives from the tech firm took a virtual tour of the BIC, learning about its achievements in technological innovation, case trials, social governance, as well as its role and historical mission in integrating technology and justice, and the legal governance of cyberspace. 

After the virtual tour, the two sides exchanged ideas on the internet-related legal risks in the operation of an enterprise. 

The BIC will take full advantage of its status as one of Beijing’s first legal publicity and education demonstration bases to publicize laws and contribute to the capital city's high-quality growth and its construction of the rule of law.