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Chinese Internet Court Model

The Gulf Observer | Updated: 2023-04-19


Confucius says that justice is the "real essence" of a progressive society and sustainable social development. Whereas, real philosophy of socialism also speaks highly about justice and the Chinese model of Internet Court is the replica of it.

Moreover, even Xi Jinping the Chinese President has been "staunchly" advocating the importance of justice in the society in the new era of corporate world ranging from simple internet to modern technologies in the China which is highly appreciated. It has provided sense of corporate security not only to Chines people but also foreign investors and businessmen alike.

The real aim, cause and objective of forming the internet court/smart court or E-court in China are to provide "speedy, accurate" cheap and durable justice to all people.

It seems that the model of internet court has great socio-economic, geopolitical and geostrategic significance ranging from maintaining economic equality, corporate fair-play, social cohesion, political stability, parity in privacy, and last but not least, persuasion of true spirits of justice without any discrimination, prejudice and any administrative comparative advantage in the Chinese society which is vibrant and dynamics. It is also called as Cyber Justice.

Moreover, phenomenal rise to internet community, COVID-19 pandemic and country-wide institutionalization of e-commerce has encouraged the policy makers of China in which the CPC has played a vital role formed three Internet Courts in the country.


Internet Courts of China has legal and administrative protection in term of carrying the cases, giving verdicts and enforcement of decisions and laws of the land empower these courts to take all possible appropriate measures to protect the sanctity of the law which clearly upholds that Chinese are law-loving people and always respect others different views.

Since China has the biggest internet community in the world which needs proper and accurate regulatory mechanism to avoid any unwanted bugs in the system of delivery of services, banking & financial transactions, credit & debit cards, dysfunctional of ATMs cards etc. and last but not least one line shopping.

It is indeed anti-fraud, infringement, cheat, disinformation, and any corporate discrimination against one individual or society at large in the country which is praiseworthy.

The Beijing Internet Court deals in 11 different types of cases. It was established during September 2018. Till now more than 400,000 cases have been received and more than 85 percent have now been resolved which has high percentage of judicial efficiency in the world.

There are specialized judges working 24/7 to resolve the disputes between two parties. On average every judge has 1000 cases which are indeed commendable. It usually takes 86 days to reach at its conclusion. With special reference to maintain complete elements of impartiality and accuracy, all the decisions of are being judged through different innovative means, making the Internet Court an apex status in the judicial system of China.

Interestingly, even foreigner companies also have right to approach the Chines Internet Court to seek justice. Amazon, Apple and many other multinational companies have filed online petitions in this regard which clearly shows their utmost confidence in the judicial system of China.
Moreover, it has revolutionized the concept of Legal Artificial Intelligence management system in the country which is providing cheapest source of just justice in the country by removing all barriers of physical, physiological, philosophical and geographical barriers of the plaintiff which is indeed commendable.

Interestingly, China is the pioneer of internet court in the world. The first internet court was established in 2015. It has efficient, qualitative, interactive, coordinated and people’s friendly in its composition, scope, utility and result oriented in all aspects. It has successfully coped with the growing cases of litigation arising from internet industry because China has the biggest internet industry and internet user community in the world which has in the history of modern jurisprudence.

In this connection, the conceptualization, operationalization and channelization of internet courts in China has already brought sense of security, popularity, corporate dignity, good governance, social responsibility, integrated, coordinated and collaborative conflict resolution and last but not least, financial relief by speedy justice in the country. In management sciences, it is indeed an innovative and unique mean to settle disputes among different stakeholders pertaining to digitalization, e-commerce, net servicing, qualitative out-put and structural reforms in ICT sector.

It only needs five minutes to file application/pliant in the internet courts in China by the plaintiff which has great importance in term of time, energy and money consumption the three pillar of pursuing corporate justice in the so-called western world. Legal fee can easily be paid through Alipay or other means. According to latest official statistical data more than 400,000 cases have been registered and resolved which vividly reflects its administrative efficiency, positivity, productivity and participatory orientation in the Chinese society, business and financial sectors.

It holds on average 28 minutes for a court hearing which has introduced a new concept of paperless justice administration in the modern corporate world. It is easily accessible 24/7 through on-line litigation.

It carries a diversified dispute resolution system to promote the prevention of and resolution of dispute and fully leveraging the regulatory advantage of administrative organs. It has now succeeded to boost judicial transparency in China.

The three Internet Courts usually look to the application of new technologies including block chain technology, to better handle internet cases. The pressure created by COVID-19 pandemic has further strengthened the strategic importance of online dispute resolution and Internet Courts are providing the real justice through real people; business and investment friendly actualization. It has three Internet Courts in the country spreading spirits of timely, articulated, cooperative, coordinated and cheapest justice in the world.

Furthermore, Beijing Internet Court (BIC) will be open 24 hours a day and is reportedly staffed with 38 highly experienced judges sorting big online litigation in the country.

It seems that China’s law based cyberspace governance has entered into new era of modernization in shape of Internet Courts in the country. The CPC has been the main organ of this unique concept of internet court in the country which vividly reflects its strong commitments towards social, corporate, human and digitalized justice in the society.

To conclude, with the formation and activation of the Internet Courts mechanism the entire process from filing to adjudication is one line which brings great convenience to both defendant and plaintiff. Now the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence and blockchains are being applied in these internet courts in China which has definitely increased the overall efficiency of the Chinese Judiciary.

The Beijing Internet Court is totally open, transparent and accountable and all its hearings can be watched and heard live streaming. It has already further enhanced judicial process efficiency and safeguarded the basic rights of common people alike.

It seems that new mode of online trail has brought about judicial openness and public participation. It has also increased judicial creditability, openness and transparency in the country.

Truly the proximity between virtual space and reality is getting smaller in the internet era. The Internet Courts are changing the concept of ancient philosophies, principles and conventions of basic laws and their execution. It protects the economy, consumers, common people, e-commerce, rights of foreign companies and online shopping portals as well.

It seems that deity of justice is reborn in the form of Internet Courts in China, shaping a futuristic outlook of the Chinese good governance, continuation of structural reforms and last but not least creation of justice comfort zones to accelerate a healthy, constructive, productive, positive and participatory mechanism in the realms of justice and judiciary in China which is good omen for its soft image and people’s friendly policies.

China always puts people first and formation of the Internet Courts are the symbol and living miracle of social justice, corporate equality, economic parity, banking & financial fair-play and last but not least, maintaining an ideal equilibrium in the society, business community and judiciary alike.