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BIC’s new media efforts awarded

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2023-01-03


The Beijing Internet Court's two accounts on new media platforms were recently included among the top 100 best accounts of courts nationwide in 2021. 

Together with the court's two official accounts on microblogging service Weibo and video-sharing platform Kuaishou, a short video series featuring the Civil Code was also awarded. 

Judges were invited to interpret hot issues and cases in the videos, with the most-viewed video reaching 5 million views and the total views amounting to 13 million. 

So far, the BIC has developed a multi-terminal media matrix, demonstrating achievements in the reform of the judicial system and cyber governance and serving as a platform to respond to public concerns. 

The BIC's official Weibo account has 182,000 followers and has over 8,000 posts. It received over 10 million views in 2022. 

The court's official Kuaishou account has posted more than 50 short videos on topics  ranging from the interpretation of the Civil Code, protection of minors and intellectual property, to civil and commercial disputes. These videos have accumulated 18 million views.