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BIC's work wins 8th Golden Gavel Award

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2021-12-31


The 8th Golden Gavel Award for mini movies and videos has just announced its final winners.

The mini video work submitted by the Beijing Internet Court (BIC) Dark Flow Surges (an liu xiong yong) won the second prize in the mini video category.

The video is based on a case involving faked view counts heard by the BIC, the first of its kind in China. An agent faked millions of views for the client, yet did not receive payment as contracted. So the agent brought the dispute to the court, exposing the illegal online industry to the limelight. Both parties lost the suit and they both acknowledged the ruling.

The Golden Gavel Awards event was jointly organized by a number of legal and publicity units including the political department, the information bureau and the film and television center of the Supreme People's Court, China University of Political Science and Law, Communication University of China, and the Legal Report program of the China Media Group. Among the 337 winning pieces, the10 with the highest online votes won the network popularity award. Twenty-three units won the organization award.