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BIC judge attends 4th UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Judicial Summit 2021

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2021-11-18



The 4th UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Judicial Summit was held online in early November. [photo/ Beijing Internet Court]

Jointly organized by UNCITRAL RCAP and the Department of Justice of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the 4th UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Judicial Summit kicked off in early November.

Lu Ning, a judge from the Beijing Internet Court (BIC) attended the judicial round table upon invitation via video link and introduced technical applications in BIC's smart trials.


Judge Lu Ning from the Beijing Internet Court attends the judicial roundtable of 4th UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Judicial Summit. [photo/ Beijing Internet Court]

In her presentation, Lu introduced the background of the BIC's establishment, how BIC conducts smart trials via its e-litigation platform, and the conveniences smart trials have brought to judges and legal parties. Specifically, she introduced applications such as the automatic generation of legal documents, the Tianping Blockchain evidence deposit, virtual AI judges, virtual court, facial recognition and voice recognition, pop-up notification message service and the Mobile Micro Court app.

Lu's presentation was well received by the attendees. She answered their questions and pledged that the BIC will continue to strive for technological upgrades of its e-litigation platform so as to offer better services and enhance judicial quality.

Lu's presentation script.

Lu's presentation PPT.