Trial-based rule formation

Beijing Internet Court | Updated: 2021-09-17


Based on the concepts of trial-based rule formation, rule-driven governance and governance-propelled development, the BIC has trialed a series of internet-related cases with demonstrative significance over the past few years.

A diversity of cases heard by the BIC such as a faking view counts case, an "advance screening on-demand" case, a short video copyright case of a major short video platform, a "graphic film" rights infringement case, an e-envelope interface plagiarism case, an AI intelligence copyright case and a reading app rights infringement case, have been included in the work reports of the Supreme People’s Court and the Beijing High People's Court. They also won multiple titles such as top 10 commercial cases across China, top 10 intellectual property right cases of Chinese courts, top 10 civil administrative and state compensation cases of the people's courts, national top 10 typical judicial cases of consumer rights protection, top 10 intellectual property right cases of Beijing's courts, China's top 10 media-related cases and the top 10 copyright cases issued by the China branch of the International Association For The Protection Of Intellectual Property (AIPPI).