Tianping Block Chain

Beijing Internet Court | Updated: 2021-09-17



The BIC has championed the country's efforts to build an alliance of Tianping Block Chain to better cope with the challenges occurred during online evidence collection such as hard to deposit, easy to falsify and hard to testify.

The introduction of Tianping Block Chain provides reliable evidence deposit and efficient testification. Automatic execution is achieved through blockchain intelligent contract technology. The Tianping Block Chain has become the first landed application of intelligent contract technology in China’s judicial sector.

So far, the Tianping Block Chain has been integrated with 22 cross-chain link points and has access to data resources of 25 application points in nine categories such as copyright and internet finance. Over 70 million pieces of e-data involving over 3,900 cases have been uploaded. The BIC has formulated regulations on accessing and management of the Tianping Block Chain and its accessing evaluation manuals, so as to standardize the receiver qualifications and deposit rules on e-evidence.