Whole-process online litigation service

Beijing Internet Court | Updated: 2021-09-17



The Beijing Internet Court (BIC) has set up a multifunctional, whole-process and integrated online litigation service platform, through which pre-litigation mediation, case filing, case hearing, delivery and execution of judicial rulings can be handled and completed online.

The online litigation service platform has further improved the user experience of litigants and made relevant trials more convenient, efficient and fair.

A number of modern technologies have been incorporated in the online litigation service platform.

The utilization of facial recognition technology has allowed litigants to file their cases and identity information online, and achieved 100 percent of online case filing.

The deployment of instant messaging technology has provided a smooth communication channel between judges and litigants. A total of 824,014 screen pop-up short messages have been generated in the last three years. .

The application of cloud video and automatic speech recognition technologies during online hearing and mediation has dramatically reduced trial time. The online trial rate reached 99.8 percent. The average hearing time is 37 minutes, three quarters less than the time cost by regular offline litigations. 

The technology of legal knowledge graphics achieved intelligent pushing of related cases and automatic generation of legal documents which enhanced the efficiency and precision of verdict drafting. The technology has yielded 1.33 million copies of legal documents.

The application of data security exchange technology has enabled judges to continue trials amid the COVID-19 epidemic and safeguard digital justice.