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BIC receives survey team from Beijing's two zones construction

Beijing Internet Court | Updated: 2021-09-07


A survey team from the leading group office for the building of Beijing's "two zones" recently visited the Beijing Internet Court (BIC). 

The "two zones" refer to the China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Integrated National Demonstration Zone for Opening up the Services Sector. 

Led by Jin Hui, a special invited expert of the leading group office and Haidian district government, the survey team's visit in BIC was accompanied by Zhang Wen, president of the BIC. 

Zhang extended warm greetings to the team and briefed them on general information about the BIC as well as the BIC's measures to support Beijing's development of digital economy and its two zones construction. 

She said that the BIC is focused on its role as a functional court and adheres to the people-centered development principle. It carries out the concepts of judgment-oriented rules, rule-driven governance and governance-driven development, and strives to provide internet judicial services to Beijing's two zones construction and the development of its digital economy. 

Jin said that the BIC's judgment concept is highly in sync with the planning of Beijing's two zones construction and digital trade port construction. The leading group office is presently focusing on the rule of governance of the digital economy in order to propel high-quality development of Beijing's digital economy from technological and legal perspectives. 

During the survey, BIC judges conducted in-depth exchanges with the survey team on such issues as the personal information protection, extraterritorial justice, data trust, platform technology construction and data compliance. 

The two sides have reached preliminary cooperation intent in areas such as promoting the development of an international big data exchange in Beijing and the advancement of judicial judgments, innovation on a litigation source governance model and safeguarding of Beijing's two zones construction.