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BIC awarded at essays competition on intelligentization construction

Beijing Internet Court | Updated: 2021-08-03


The 2021 essays collection campaign on intelligentization construction in the political and legal field released its award list on July 27. Two essays from the Beijing Internet Court (BIC) were on the list, winning a first prize and a second prize. 

Part of an exhibition of intelligent technologies and equipment used in the political and legal field hosted by Legal Daily, the essays collection campaign started in March with topics including smart governance, smart courts and smart procuratorial work. 

On July 27, a forum on the smart courts and smart governance was held in Beijing. Li Wenchao, deputy director of the BIC Research Office and one of the authors of the first-prize winner essay shared his essay at the forum which is themed on BIC's explorations of block chain application. 

According to Li, blockchain technology is a distributed ledger system which is open to all for participation, maintenance, storage and data reading. It has the basic characteristics of traceability and openness, cannot be tampered with, and is in essence a "decentralized" internet database technology, giving it significant advantages in data governance.