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BIC's judge team and mediators awarded by Beijing High People's Court

Beijing Internet Court | Updated: 2021-05-27


A team of judges from the Beijing Internet Court was named as one of the top 10 mediation and fast-track trial procedure teams by the Beijing High People’s Court at a city-wide work meeting on court filing, trial and litigation held on May 14. 

Also at the meeting, two mediators from the BIC were entitled as a top 10 invited mediator and excellent invited mediator, respectively.  

In 2020, the grassroots courts in Beijing concluded over 320,000 cases by adopting a diversified dispute solution plus a fast-track procedure mechanism, achieved the goal of resolving 60 percent of civil cases of first instance at the beginning of the litigation process. 

The average trial time for such cases was 49 days, 29 days fewer than traditionally required. 

The city's courts have deepened and consolidated reform of the case registration system, and promoted the institutionalization of diversified dispute solutions plus the fast-track procedure mechanism, which has achieved remarkable results now regarded as the Beijing experience and Beijing model for the building of a one-stop diversified dispute resolution and litigation service system.