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Academic exchange seminar held at Beijing Internet Court

Beijing Internet Court | Updated: 2021-04-08


Themed on online litigation academic research, Beijing High People's Court held an academic exchange seminar at the Beijing Internet Court (BIC) on April 7.

In his address to the seminar, Zhao Ruigang, vice-president of the BIC, described the seminar as an important platform for academic exchanges, research capability enhancement and talent cultivation. BIC will take this opportunity to explore more about online litigation rule research and internet rule of law talent incubation.

The seminar was divided into two phases, which focused on technology empowering intelligent justice and exploration of online litigation rules respectively. 

In the first part, five research award winners from Beijing's courts, including one from the BIC, shared their research results on such topics as case scene visualization, similar case retrieval and live broadcasting of trials. In the second part, another five researchers from the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, the BIC and other district courts shared their thoughts on the practical challenges and solutions of e-evidence, sample litigation and e-delivery.

Professors from Peking University, Communication University of China, Renmin University and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences commented that the presenters’ views were insightful and useful. They were problem-oriented and tended to provide effective solutions.

In her concluding remarks, Wang Xiaoyan, director of the Education and Training division of the Beijing High People's Court, said that BIC is a pilot of internet judicial reform and has provided key demonstration in experience accumulation, mechanism crafting and rule exploration. She reiterated that more efforts should be put into application of academic research and talent development. 

The seminar was also open online to all courts in Beijing and drew attendance by research and judicial personnel from the middle and basic-level courts in Beijing. It's the third session of its kind being held.