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Head of Beijing Internet Court shares smart court experience with Dominica top court

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-10-30


Zhang Wen, president of the Beijing Internet Court, shared the court experience in informatization and smart court construction on a video conference organized by China's Supreme People's Court and its counterpart in Dominica Republic on Oct 27.

This video conference is one of the results after Zhou Qiang, president of China's top court, talked with head of the Supreme Court of Dominica on Aug 27 via video links on Aug 27.

At the video conference, Zhang briefed Beijing Internet Court's journey in exploring a full-process integrated online litigation mode from a practical perspective.

Data, specific technologies and artificial intelligence are the three core factors of the mode, she summarized. She also introduced the technological application and regulation formulation in internet trials from different procedures, including filing cases, responding to lawsuits and online hearings, and shared the process design and institutional construction of online mediation.

Sun Fuhui, deputy director of a information center of the SPC, presented information at the conference on China's smart court construction's technological structure and application scenario from different perspectives, including the planning and implementation mechanism of informatization projects, judicial data application and protection and third party management. Sun also answered attendees' questions on electronic data interchange and big data collection and analysis.

He Fan, director of the judicial reform office of the SPC, introduced the legal grounds, technological application and integration and innovation of online litigation and trial mechanisms, and shared the successful experiences of the Beijing Internet Court through its establishing background, process and future plans.