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Vice-president of Beijing Internet Court attends summit on internet company social responsibility

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-10-19


Jiang Ying, vice-president of the Beijing Internet Court, addressed the second summit on Chinese internet companies' social responsibility held on Oct 16 in Beijing.

Themed on confirmation of liabilities and governance of internet platforms, Jiang's speech described the judicial practices of the Beijing Internet Court on cases related to the platforms and shared ideas and rules when making judgments on several typical cases.

Jiang made suggestions on how the internet platforms could fulfill their social responsibilities from the perspective of enterprise, society, government and other parties on the basis of the problems encountered in trials, such as the difficulty in user identity confirmation, user information disclosure, and loopholes in content review.

Jiang said that the legal liability system for the internet platforms focuses on technical feasibility and commercial feasibility as well as the principle of proportionality. The system balances the legitimacy of purpose, necessity of intervention and the impact on related interested parties.

In the future, the internet platforms should better fulfill social responsibilities by strengthening protection of intellectual property rights, tightening content review, implementing real-name registration and improving internal data supervision and management. They should build a sound internet environment, and ensure that effective social evaluations and the government's policy support work together to promote the orderly and healthy development of the internet industry.