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Beijing Internet Court receives appreciation letter from Ministry of Commerce

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-09-01


The Beijing Internet Court received an appreciation letter from the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) for the court's support at a special sharing meeting on e-commerce cases with the Policy Support Unit (PSU) of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Co-organized by the MOC and the APEC, the meeting was held on Aug 12 through a video link.

Zhang Wen, president of the Beijing Internet Court, and He Fan, director of the judicial reform office of China's Supreme People's Court, were invited to the meeting, where they deeply and professionally shared China's internet-related judicial practices including theories, innovations and methods with APEC's expert team, according to the letter.

What they shared provided professional references, governance ideas and frontier views for APEC's policy research on the e-commerce, the letter stated, adding that they interpreted and publicized China's internet governance theories and practices and were recognized and appreciated by the APEC's expert team.

The results of the meeting will be written as a report which will be on the desks at the APEC leaders' meeting.