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Beijing Internet Court, CCIA jointly build online mechanism to protect internet related-copyright

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-08-03


The Beijing Internet Court and the Capital Copyright Industry Alliance (CCIA) co-built an online mechanism which connects litigation and non-litigation dispute resolution platforms to deal with internet-related copyright disputes. The mechanism started a trial run on July 1.

The mechanism includes the court's platforms of online litigation and diversified dispute resolution, and the Beijing copyright dispute mediation platform that was built by the CCIA. The latter uses lots of the court's existing technologies.  

To build the mechanism, the court and CCIA made their own technologies, work contents and specifications connected and consistent. The court added CCIA's mediation platform to its webpage and guides parties to use it before they file a case.

The court also set a cloud work station on the CCIA's copyright dispute mediation platform to guide non-litigation mediation work. The court's judges are assigned to give regular training to mediators on the CCIA platform, forward typical cases to them for reference and provide online guidance as the mediators meet difficult cases.

The court is also helping the CCIA formulate a template document library for non-litigation mediation. So far, template documents for mediation of copyright cases involving images such as records, agreements, letters of judicial confirmation application and commitment have been formulated.