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Beijing Internet Court's improved judicial supervision system regarded as example of judicial reform

english.bjinternetcourt.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-07-23


The Beijing Internet Court has built a three-dimensional trial supervision system to improve quality management of online litigation. 

The practice was regarded as a good example of judicial reform by the Supreme People's Court and included in its newly issued eighth and ninth groups of judicial reform case selection.

The two groups of cases were selected from 26 courts nationwide to promote good practices of tackling bottlenecks and institutional and systemic issues to deepen comprehensive reform of judicial accountability and civil litigation procedures. The SPC has selected 152 judicial reform cases in the nine groups.

The supervision system of the Beijing Internet Court takes advantage of its informatization construction, integrating the data from its electronic platforms of online lawsuits, diversified disputes mediation, case hearing and electronic evidence and relieson a visual trial management platform to ensure every trial procedure is totally recorded and automatically under management and supervision.

The court established a trial quality assessment system that includes a primary assessment institute and an assessment committee for re-evaluation and final assessment that evaluates in a regular and casual way both online and offline trial quality from the perspective of substantial and procedural justice and during and after trial procedures.

A corruption risk management system was also built by the court. It analyses the possible corruption risks in over 150 situations, summarized 233 risk points and formed 210 risk prevention measures in response. 

The risk management system runs together with the trial quality assessment system and is equipped with an intelligent alerting system which is based on the data accumulated on the court's informatization platform.