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Beijing Internet Court gives copyright protection judicial advice after first verdict takes effect

Updated: 2019-01-11


Internet companies, especially those specializing in video or short videos, should be encouraged to protect their works via technological means including watermarks, said the Beijing Internet Court in judicial advice to local copyright authorities. 

The court said that there should be a comprehensive system of copyright protection composed of legislation, enforcement, self-discipline and technological use.

The judicial advice came after its verdict of a lawsuit over two short video companies took effect on Jan 11.

The court ruled that video app Huopai infringed the copyright of Douyin by spreading videos made at the latter's platform.

The court said watermarks represents identities in some way so those appearing in videos should be deemed information of rights management information instead of mere technical measures.

Local authorities should draft detailed regulations on the use of watermarks and other measures so that internet companies can better protect their copyright, said the court.

In its judicial advice, the court said watermark technology should also be applied in companies with relevant recognition technologies.

It also suggested that the norm of usage of relevant technologies should be clarified.

For instance, the court said, such companies should be advised to add the watermark of the user's name instead of his or her ID number.