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Taiwan delegation visits Beijing Internet Court

Updated: 2018-12-18


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Three judges from the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court, accompanied by Wen Zhihong from the Taiwan Judicial Affairs Office of the Supreme People's Court, visited the Beijing Internet Court on Dec 14, 2018. 

Jiang Ying, vice-president of tBeijing Internet Court, along with Chen Guanghui from the case filing team and Lu Zhengxin from the quick judging team, received the delegation. 

The delegation toured the court's online litigation experience area and the litigation services hall as well as its self-service area, filing hall, and online court.

Taiwan delegation visits Beijing Internet Court .jpg

Jiang explained in detail how internet-based technologies, such as electronic delivery, block-chain evidence filing, electronic signatures, and automatic judgment document generation helps with judicial trials at the court, and how big data assists in case handling and management of applicable rules. 

The tour was preceded by an informal discussion. On behalf of President Zhang Wen, Jiang extended a warm welcome to the guests, and introduced the court's organizational structure, staffing, and jurisdictional scope.


The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on practical issues involving internet cases. The delegation agreed that it the Beijing Internet Court's development has been impressive and could see the role of technology in the evolution of judicial services.

The judges said they look forward to further exchanges and communications on intellectual property affairs.