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Beijing Internet Court holds press conference on online trials

Updated: 2018-11-01


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A press conference on online trials was held by Beijing Internet Court on Nov 1, 2018 at which the court publicized the construction and operation of its e-litigation platform and described typical cases handled entirely online. It also outlined the construction of the platform's feedback mechanism and its online litigation experience area. 

She Guiqing, vice-president of the court, briefed the conference on the construction and operation of the court's one-stop e-litigation platform integrating ADR, trial enforcement, electronic evidence storage and delivery.

By the end of October, the court's e-litigation platform had had over 3.81 million visits with 2,880 registered users. A total of 5,497 lawsuit applications were received, of which 1,938 cases were introduced into the ADR system, 777 were officially filed and 373 were closed, according to She.

Fifty-four percent, or 2,980 of the applications were related to disputes over internet copyright and neighboring rights, he said.

In addition, the court has opened two technological service hotlines to provide round-the-clock services for parties. By the end of October, 100 percent of the cases were filed online.

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The multiple ways in which the court helps the parties respond to a lawsuit and properly deliver required information, all meant to ensure the parties understand their cases and the systems of internet trials, were introduced at the conference, as were the court's feedback mechanism for users' opinions.

At the conference, the representatives of four of China's internet giants, Tencent, JD, Sina and Baidu, submitted letters of commitment to honest participation in e-litigation to the court's president, Zhang Wen. The representatives also shared their opinions on improving enterprises' awareness of social responsibility, abiding by business ethics and creating a harmonious and orderly internet credit environment.

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Beijing Internet Court will continue to resolve disputes involving the Internet, promote the rule of law in cyberspace, and protect cyber security by trying Internet-cases online. It will provide strong judicial services and guarantees for the Internet industry and the economic and social development of Beijing, according to the court's president.